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Geoffrey Bawa Lamp



Industrial Design

Geoffrey Bawa Lamp
Geoffrey Bawa Lamp
Geoffrey Bawa Lamp
Geoffrey Bawa Lamp
Geoffrey Bawa Lamp






The store was the first in Japan to incorporate lighting designed by Geoffrey Bawa into its store design. When designing FUSHATHÉ, a shop specializing in Sri Lankan tea in Chofu, I wanted to incorporate something connected to Sri Lanka, so I asked a workshop that still produces Bawa lighting to have it exported and ordered.

Triangular lamp with triangular bracket light and bell-shaped bell lamp.

Triangular lamps are made by splitting aluminum panels in half and are simple yet practical, and can also be used as wall accents.

The bell lamp is made of brass, and you can tell by the fluctuation of the brass surface that it was handmade by craftsmen. It has a good taste and a strong presence.

All of them are items that can only be obtained in Sri Lanka, and are gems that I would like to incorporate into my future projects.

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