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Chofu City, Tokyo
Commercial Interior Design, Facade Design



「以前はスリランカカレーを食事のメインで提供していたがスパイスの香りに紅茶の香りが負けてしまう。新店舗では食事は焼き菓子をメインに風舎の原点である紅茶屋として紅茶を楽しめるお店にしたい」という願いを聞いた時、有名紅茶店のようにイギリス風にしてもクライアントの紅茶への想いは表現できないと思った。何か風舎ならではの提案ができないかと考えたときに風舎の茶葉をアップサイクルして制作した新素材"セイロンティーの茶葉ストランドボード TEA BOARD"を開発し使用した。ボード素材はテクスチャーを持つ素材を使用した。




We were in charge of the design of the new store of FUSHATHÉ, a Sri Lankan tea specialty store proposed by tea master and tea ceremony expert Michiyo Nozawa. She is extremely particular about her tea leaves, so she goes to tea plantations, does tastings, and orders the best tea without missing the quality season. As I listened to her thoughts on the store, various ideas came to mind.

``Previously, we served Sri Lankan curry as the main meal, but the aroma of the spices overpowered the aroma of the tea.At the new store, we mainly serve baked sweets, and as Fusha's original tea shop, we offer a place where you can enjoy black tea. When I heard the client's wish to turn it into a store, I thought that even if I created it in a British style like the famous tea shops, I would not be able to express the client's passion for tea. When she thought that she could offer something unique to Fusha, she developed and used a new material, "Ceylon Tea Tea Leaf Strand Board," which was made by upcycling Fusha's tea leaves. .

As you enter the store, the aroma of tea leaves permeates the sales floor through the ceiling covered with the unique texture of the material, allowing you to feel the tea leaves not only visually but also olfactorily. Enjoy tea at the cafe on the second floor, where you can also taste the tea.

In addition, I heard that the name Fusha was inspired by the idea of creating a shop where people who come to the shop would feel a pleasant breeze blowing in their hearts when they enjoy a cup of tea and relax. The entrance facing the store will have custom-made wooden fittings, and will be fully open during mid-seasons such as spring and fall, making it easy for a variety of people to visit the store without hesitation, and to avoid giving a formal impression. 

The project is a collaboration with Mr. Ishii of monotrum.

​Shop location:1-34-2 Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo, Japan

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